Understanding Eviction Protection for Landlords in Clarksville, TN

Understanding Eviction Protection for Landlords in Clarksville, TN

According to WVLT News, eviction filings are spiking at a 50% higher rate than pre-pandemic. This trend coincides with rising rent prices.

Property managers of Clarksville, Tennessee, are taking note. While it may be necessary to ask a tenant to leave before the end of the lease, there is still eviction protection to consider. Regulations stipulate what a landlord can and can't do when asking a renter to leave.

If you evict a tenant, you must do so while abiding by county and state laws. As the landlord, protect your rights and your property. Here is what to know about eviction protection.

The Tennessee Eviction Process

It will take about four to eight weeks for a property manager to evict a tenant in Clarksville. While Tennessee counties vary in their eviction process, the steps of the process are the same.

  • The tenant receives the landlord's written notice
  • If unresolved, the landlord must file a complaint with the court
  • The court holds a hearing
  • The court issues a judgment
  • Writ of possession must be issued
  • Control is returned to the landlord

While it can take a month or two, the process could take longer if the tenant files an appeal.

Clarksville Eviction Protection

Experienced property managers understand the regulations around eviction protection. A landlord cannot evict their tenant without notice. Also, the landlord cannot change the locks.

It is against Tennessee law to shut off the utilities to force a tenant out.

However, if a tenant gives a particular cause, such as doing something threatening or dangerous, a landlord can force a tenant out in three days. This includes drug-related activity or committing a violent act. A tenant cannot put someone's life or the property in danger of its health, safety, or welfare.

For nonpayment of rent or breaking the lease agreement, a landlord must provide 30 days' notice to move out. In the 30-day notice, the landlord must state that the tenant has 14 days to fix the problem. If there is no resolution, the lease will end within 30 days of receipt of the notification.

Eviction Protection Services

Evictions are difficult situations. Property managers wish to avoid them as much as the landlord and tenant. An eviction protection service provides eligible tenants assistance to prevent evictions.

The aim is to keep a rental property stably housed. Tenants struggling to pay rent can contact the Tennessee Housing Development Agency to learn about the Emergency Rental Assistance- Eviction Prevention Program.

Property Managers Understand Eviction Protection

If you do not follow the steps for eviction as stipulated in the law, eviction processes can get lengthier, and property owners risk losing out on rent payments. Landlords can avoid lawsuits and delays in eviction when they work with a professional property manager.

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